If you believe there should be additional questions on this list, please send them to us via the feedback form on our feedback page.

You’ll receive an email with the shipping number once the order has been shipped by the vendor.

To initiate a return, navigate to your account settings in the top right corner of the website. Then, select ‘Orders’ from the left menu, choose the product you wish to return, and click ‘Manage Orders.’ From there, select the reason from the dropdown menu, type a message, and click ‘Request Refund.

This could be due to the seller’s policy of not accepting returns for this product or because the return window may have already passed.

Each seller has their own return policy, which is available on the product page. We recommend reviewing it before placing an order. If your request meets the criteria outlined in the policy, yet the vendor refuses to process the refund, please contact us at contactwebesen@gmail.com. When reaching out, please ensure to explain the issue clearly.”

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